Sank Children Art Projects 11.8'' x 8.3'' Kids Art Frames

Variant:  SANK Kids Art Frames White * 1 PC
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  • Size: Each 10.4x13.8 frame's outer border is about 13.8X10.4X0.66 inches. It is fit for 11.8x8.3 inches to 9.8x6.5 inches, A4 or less size artwork. High-capacity,0.78 inches deep, that can hold about 50 PCS artwork.
  • Displaying: Two kinds of back hangers, support horizontally or vertically wall hanging. It has elastic straps inside, you can display artwork without it or use it to store old artwork.
  • Design: 10.4x13.8 inch frames, perfect for your child's cherished artwork. The frames can be opened and closed like a book, without the mat and fixed nails. Smooth and won't hurt the hand.
  • Quality: MDF frames with tempered glass that will give a clear view of your artwork. The elastic straps of a durable frame keep your artwork in place. Frames open and close easily with a small magnet.
  • Using: Your little Picasso deserves a 10.4x13.8-inch frame to show his or her Drawings, 2D and 3D Artwork, Pictures, Documents, Certificates, and Photos. Just hang it on the wall to show your artwork and multiple pictures in an instant.


  • Weight: ‎1000g
  • Package ‎size: 5.5*36.5*27.5cm
  • Inner frame size: 11.8X8.3 inches, can hold A4 drawing paper and below size drawing paper
  • Outer frame size: 13.8X10.4X0.66 inches


1* Kids Art Frames