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Introducing NeckEase+ - Your Posture Corrector for Neck and Back Relief!

Bid farewell to agonizing neck and back pain caused by poor posture, prolonged sitting, and hard work.

NeckEase+ gently aligns your spine and decompresses vertebrae, relieving tension and pressure on nerves. Feel the difference in just 10 minutes a day.

Reclaim proper posture and say goodbye to discomfort. Use NeckEase+ on the floor, bed, or chair for a pain-free, posture-perfect life!


Heal Your Spine Permanently

Designed with precision in mind, our innovative stretcher is meticulously crafted to target the trapezius muscles and neck area with utmost accuracy. Say goodbye to general discomfort and experience tailored relief exactly where you need it most.

Why Choose Us?

While general neck and trapezius stretchers provide some level of relief, they often fall short when it comes to targeting specific pressure points.

neckease+ have 14 massaging knobs that target Occipital and Trapezius Trigger points for maximum comfort.

Great for cervical stenosis

I have severe cervical spinal stenosis and my spine posture is super crooked and horrible. I was starting to have trouble breathing, limb numbness, and having a lot of neck pain constantly. EOUCH! I started laying on this for a few min at a time, a couple times a day and it has worked wonders! Laura

How To Use It

Lie down on the massager and use your body pressure to straighten the bones and stretch the muscles. Then, lift your arms and raise them to the top of your head, or open your arms. As a result, the chest naturally opens and help the lungs for better breathing and relaxation like in aerobic exercises. It also helps to make the spine curve better.

We love It When Our Clients Send Us Their Progress

Important: Please exercise caution when using this tool initially upon receiving it. Begin with a maximum of 3-5 minutes of daily use and evaluate how it makes you feel. If all is well, gradually increase the usage to 10 minutes per day for optimal results. Consistency is the key to success, so don't forget to incorporate it into your daily routine. We encourage you to share your results with us so that we can share your success story with the world. Together, let's unlock your true potential and inspire others.